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Foe to frog
wizard attack 5

Daily ✦ arcane, implement, polymorph, transmutation

Target: one creature

Attack: Intelligence vs. Fortitude

Hit: "The target turns into a Tiny beast of your choosing (save ends)."

Miss: "The target turns into a Tiny beast of your choosing until the end of its next turn."

Effect: "As a Tiny beast, the target is dazed, and the only actions it can take are to move its speed or shift. All of the target's equipment transforms with it. If it takes damage from any source, this effect ends."

Foe to frog is a 5th-level wizard daily attack power. It transforms a creature into a Tiny beast, dazes it, and restricts its actions to moving or shifting. Foe to frog's effect ends if the creature takes damage. On a hit, foe to frog loses its one-turn duration and instead ends on a save.[HotF:94]

A version of foe to frog called slimy transmutation appeared in the Red Box, as a level 1 daily power.