D&D4 Wiki

Pull, push, and slide[]

Certain powers and effects allow you to pull, push, or slide a target.

  • Pull: When you pull a creature, each square you move it must bring it nearer to you.
  • Push: When you push a creature, each square you move it must place it farther away from you.
  • Slide: When you slide a creature, there’s no restriction on the direction you can move it.

Forced movement[]

Whether you’re pulling, pushing, or sliding a target, certain rules govern all forced movement.

  • Line of Effect: You must have line of effect to any square you pull, push, or slide a creature into.
  • Distance in Squares: The power you’re using specifies how many squares you can move a target. You can choose to move the target fewer squares or not to move it at all. You can’t move the target vertically.
  • Modifiers: Certain powers, effects, or class/race features will increase or decrease the amount of distance the target is forcibly moved. For example, a dwarf automatically reduces any forced movement's distance by 1 if they desire.
  • Specific Destination: Some powers don’t specify a distance in squares but instead specify a destination, such as “adjacent” (a square adjacent to you).
  • No Opportunity Attacks: Forced movement does not provoke opportunity attacks or other opportunity actions.
  • Ignore Difficult Terrain: Forced movement isn’t hindered by difficult terrain.
  • Not a Move: Forced movement doesn’t count against a target’s ability to move on its turn. A target’s speed is irrelevant to the distance you move it.
  • Clear Path: Forced movement can’t move a target into a space it couldn’t enter by walking. The target can’t be forced into an obstacle or made to squeeze into a space.
  • Catching Yourself: If you’re forced over a precipice or a pit, you can try to catch yourself before you fall. See Falling.
  • Swapping Places: Some powers let you swap places with a target. You slide the target so that its space overlaps your space, and then you shift so your space includes at least one square that the target just left. Different rules may apply to teleportation.