"Caution? Discretion? No! Valor is to face your foe in battle and then stand over the broken corpse."[PH2:65]

Prerequisite: Barbarian

Frenzied Berserker Path Features

Frenzied Blood (11th level): If you spend an action point to make a melee attack and that attack misses, you deal half of that attack’s damage on the miss. This benefit does not apply to attacks that already deal damage on a miss.

Warpath (11th level): Whenever you hit with a melee attack while raging, the attack deals 2 extra damage. In addition, whenever you start your turn adjacent to one or more enemies while you are raging and are able to take actions, you must make either a melee or a close attack against one of those enemies during your turn or be stunned until the end of your next turn.

Unfeeling Rage (16th level): You gain resist 5 to all damage while you are bloodied and raging.

 Persistent Frenzy Frenzied Berserker Attack 11
Caught up in the madness of your wrath, you swing your weapon again and again.
 Encounter + Primal, Weapon
 Standard Action  Close burst 1
 Target: Each creature in burst you can see
 Attack: Strength vs. AC
 Hit: 1[W] + Strength modifier damage.
 Special: If you use this power while you are raging, roll a d20. On a 10 or higher, you retain the use of this power.

 Deathless Frenzy Frenzied Berserker Utility 12
For a time, your anger can stave off even death.
 Daily + Primal
 Immediate Interrupt  Personal
 Trigger: You drop to 0 hit points or fewer and don’t die
 Effect: Until you regain hit points, you are dying but don’t fall unconscious because of that condition. If you fail a death saving throw, you fall unconscious, and this effect ends.

 Final Confrontation Frenzied Berserker Attack 20
Your fury spills over to your foe, locking the two of you in a lethal duel.
 Daily + Primal, Weapon
 Standard Action  Melee weapon
 Target: One creature
 Effect: Before the attack, if the target is marked, that condition ends on it. It can then make a melee basic attack against you as a free action.
 Attack: Strength vs. AC
 Hit: 7[W] + Strength modifier damage.
 Miss: Half damage.
 Effect: After the attack, you can allow the target to make a melee basic attack against you as a free action. If the target makes that attack, you can make a melee basic attack against it as a free action. You can repeat this effect until the target chooses not to make the attack.