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Frenzied Skirmish
Ranger Attack 5

You leap into the fray and unleash a torrent of steel upon your unsuspecting foes, staggering them with the ferocity of your attacks.

Melee weapon

Requirement: You must be wielding two melee weapons

Target: One or two creatures

Attack: Strength vs. AC (main weapon and off-hand weapon), two attacks

Hit: 1[W] + Strength modifier damage per attack. If an attack hits, the target is dazed until the end of your next turn. If both attacks hit the same target, it is dazed and slowed until the end of your next turn.

Special: Before or after these attacks, you can move your speed without provoking opportunity attacks.

Frenzied Skirmish is a daily power available to rangers at the 5th level.[PH:107]