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This illustration of githyanki by Michael Komarck accompanied the race's description in the Monster Manual.
Abilities +2 Con
+2 Int
Skills +2 History
Size Medium
Speed 6
Vision normal
Languages Common and Deep Speech
Traits Danger Sense
Githyanki Willpower
Telekinetic Leap
Avg. height 6'0"–6'5"
183–196 cm
Avg. weight 160–190 lbs.
73–86 kg

Githyanki is a monster race in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.[MM:128] It can also be used as a player character race at a Dungeon Master's discretion.[MM:277]

The githyanki are a warrior race living in the Astral Sea.  They have yellow, green or greenish-yellowish skin tones and dark red hair.  They are cousins to the githzerai, born from the same slave race.

Long ago, in the ancient empire of the mindflayers, the githyanki and githzerai were one race, developed to fight an enemy the mindflayers could not defeat.  After the war, a slave named Gith led her people in rebellion against their masters, destroying the empire. Gith wanted to continue the fight, to wipe out the mindflayers, but one of her supporters turned against her and gave rise to the githzerai.  Gith led her remaining followers into the Astral Sea, where they became the githyanki.  Gith would leave them until she struck a deal with the dragon goddess Tiamat, which would align the red dragons with the githyanki in exchange for her service.  Her advisor became their new leader, creating a succession of wizards, often liches, ruling in her stead.

The current Lich queen is a powerful and cruel wizard, who kills her powerful servants to prevent them from overthrowing her.  She is the longest ruling Lich queen so far, ruling for over 1000 years. 

Githyanki wield silver swords that are highly prized among them and collectors, however, it should be noted that these warriors hunt down any who dare collect or wield their swords.

Racial traits

As a player character race, githyanki receive the following racial traits.

  • Danger Sense: Githyanki gain a +2 bonus to initiative checks.
  • Githyanki Willpower: Githyanki gain a +1 bonus to Will defense, and a +2 bonus to saving throws against charm effects.
  • Telekinetic Leap: Githyanki gain the telekinetic leap racial power. Telekinetic leap is an encounter power that allows the user or a nearby ally to fly 5 squares.