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Gloves of Venom
Level 8+ Uncommon

Level 8: +2 3,400gp
Level 18: +4 85,000gp
Level 28: +6 2,125,000gp

Item slot: hands
Power: Power (Poison) Daily (Minor Action): Change the damage type dealt by the next arcane power you use to poison. Add 1d6 to the damage dealt by that power (if any).

Level 18: Add 2d6 to the damage dealt.

Level 28: Add 3d6 to the damage.

The Gloves of Venom is a drow-wrought magic item, suitable for poisoning foes with magic. it was introduced in Children of Darkness.[Dr367:40]


  • The original printing mismatched the levels describing extra damage, with levels 16 and 18 providing extra damage. The compendium changed these to level 18/28.