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This illustration of gnolls by Steve Prescott accompanied the race's description in the Monster Manual.
Abilities Constitution
Skills Intimidate
Size Medium
Speed Above Average
Vision low-light
Languages Abyssal and Common
Traits Blood Fury
Pack Attack
Ferocious Charge
Avg. height 7'0"–7'6"
213–229 cm
Avg. weight 280–320 lbs.
127–145 kg
This is the player character version of Gnoll. For the creature, see Gnolls for the monster version.

Gnoll is a player character race in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.[MM:277][Dr367:47]


Gnolls resemble humanoid hyenas. They are vicious, ruthless, evil, cold-blooded killers, known as ruthless hunters. Gnolls are not known for diplomacy or civilized manner, in their society only the strong survive and rule.  Gnolls breed and raise hyenas, using them as hunting dogs to chase down prey.  

They worship the demon Yeenoghu, the Destroyer, the Beast of Butchery, the Ruler of Ruin and  the Demon Prince of Gnolls.   

Racial traits

As a player character race, gnolls receive the following racial traits.

  • Blood Fury: A gnoll gains a moderate bonus to damage rolls while bloodied. This bonus is doubled at 21st level.
  • Pack Attack: A gnoll deals an amount of additional damage with melee attacks against enemies adjacent to two or more of the gnoll's allies.
  • Ferocious Charge: A gnoll can use the ferocious charge racial power. Ferocious charge is an encounter power similar to a charge action with increased damage. The power has additional benefits if used while bloodied.

Gnoll feats

These feats have the gnoll race as a prerequisite. Additional prerequisites are noted.

Heroic tier (any level) Paragon tier (11th level or higher)
Epic tier (21st level or higher)