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Grave Caller is a paragon path for bards.[AP:20]

Arcane Power[]

"Some deserve nothing but death, and those most deserving are marked by their crimes. Like a requiem's crescendo, I pursue the marked ever more closely to give them their due."

Prerequisite: Bard

Rumors of an ancient organization of assassin-bards sometimes surface in taverns. Such tales are quickly quelled as foolish romance, of course. If the existence of the secret group to which you belong became common knowledge, your work would be that much harder to accomplish.

Your shadowy organization, known as the Grave Callers, has tasked its members to seek out and slay those who prey on the innocent. Its leaders identify those individuals to you through clever courier drops or magical sendings, marking them indelibly as your targets. You are making the world a better place with each undesirable element that you remove, and that knowledge drives you to continue your work. Through your ancient and deadly song, you improve the chances of all other creatures, one death at a time.

Grave Caller Path Features[]

Dirge of Inescapable Doom (11th level): Once per encounter as a minor action, you can place a deathmark on a single enemy within 10 squares of you. The deathmark lasts until the end of the encounter. If you miss with an encounter attack power against a creature that has your deathmark, the attack still deals 1d6 + your Charisma modifier damage.

Gravecall Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, you gain a +4 bonus to damage rolls until the end of your next turn.

Path to the Grave (16th level): Whenever you make an attack roll with an encounter or a daily attack power against a creature that has your deathmark, roll a d20 twice and use either result.

Grave Caller Spells[]

Visions of Doom
Grave Caller Attack 11

You sing a secret note that seeks out your chosen enemy, wracking it with painful images of its coming demise.

Ranged 10

Target: One creature that has your deathmark

Hit: 2d10 + Charisma modifier psychic damage. Until the end of your next turn, one ally within 10 squares of you gains a +2 power bonus to attack rolls against the target.

Cloak of Sound
Grave Caller Utility 12

You shroud your form in dark whispers, hindering your quarry's ability to see you.


Effect: Until the end of your next turn, you are invisible to a creature that has your deathmark.

Inevitability of the Grave
Grave Caller Attack 20

You call out a series of deadly notes, each one bringing your foe closer to its ordained demise.

Ranged 10

Target: One creature that has your deathmark

Hit: 3d10 + Charisma modifier damage, and ongoing 10 damage (save ends). The target tages a -2 penalty to its saving throws against the ongoing damage.

Aftereffect: Ongoing 5 damage (save ends).

Miss: Half damage, and ongoing 5 damage (save ends).