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Scrying 8

You recite a funeral dirge, infusing a zombie with necromantic energy. Now, you can spy through the eyes of your undead minion.

Time: 30 minutes
Duration: 24 hours
Component Cost: 250 gp
Market Price: 680 gp
Key Skill: Arcana

Gravesight is an 8th-level ritual.[OG:49]

You are able to perceive the environment around an animate undead creature. The target creature must be within 5 squares of you during the entire time necessary to perform the ritual.

For the ritual’s duration, you can spend a standard action to use the affected creature’s senses. You use your Perception modifier when you do so. While sensing through the undead, you cannot use your own senses and are considered blind and deaf. You can end the effect as a free action. If the undead creature is destroyed, the ritual ends immediately.

Your Arcana check determines the maximum distance at which you can receive sensory input from the target creature.

Arcana Check Result Distance
19 or lower 1 mile
20–29 3 miles
30–39 6 miles
40 or higher 10 miles

Sufficiently powerful warding magic (such as a Forbiddance ritual) prevents you from receiving sensory input from a creature as long as it is within the warded area. Treat the undead creature as a scrying sensor for such purposes.