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Graywall is a city of monsters in Eberron. It is not one of the five nations, and is therefore a haven and home for many of the monsterious races within 4th edition. Social status is based mostly on size and danger of monsters (with obvious exceptions), with the most dangerous of creatures kept in check by Xorchylic. [Dr368:5]

Although laws are not strongly enforced, any serious crimes are punished by execution, and getting caught for lesser crimes results an a period of time at the arena (or implantation of phobias or psychoses by Xorchylic).


Graywall is hostile to members of the Silver Flame, and reacts as such to those wearing a symbol of the Silver Flame. Outside Calabas (The Kennels), they are likely encounter street violence. If nobody attacks, that PC takes a -5 penalty to Diplomacy and Streetwise checks in the area, with perceived allies taking a -3 penalty.

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