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Hallucinatory Creature
Deception 12

A few words of description, some arcane gestures, and a fearsome image appears before you.

Time: 10 minutes
Duration: 24 hours
Component Cost: 500 gp
Market Price: 2,600 gp
Key Skill: Arcana

Hallucinatory Creature is a 12th-level ritual.[PH:305]

You create the illusion of a single creature, of any size from Small to Large. It looks and smells like the creature in question. If the creature can speak or emit sounds, the illusion can do so as well, but on a limited basis (subject to the DM’s judgment)—it’s not possible, for instance, for the illusion to engage in an extended conversation.

You can give the illusion simple instructions, such as having it wander a set area, appear to chew on local plants, and the like. Your Arcana check determines the number of actions you can instruct the illusion to take.

Arcana Check Result  Actions
19 or lower   1 minor, 1 move
20–29   1 minor, 1 move, 1 standard
30–39   2 minor, 2 move, 1 standard
40 or higher   2 minor, 2 move, 2 standard

The illusion can perform these actions in a specific sequence, such as moving, taking a standard action, and then moving again, either in an endless loop or starting in response to a specific trigger, such as a door opening.

You can also match each action to a specific trigger. An illusion might move when a creature moves next to it or cower and scream when it is attacked.

Creatures that view or interact with the illusion are entitled to Insight checks to detect the fact that it is false. This check’s DC equals your Arcana check result. A creature is allowed a check the first time it sees the illusion and each time it interacts with it. A creature that touches an illusion automatically determines that the image is a fake.

The illusion cannot travel more than 20 squares from the spot where it first appeared.