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For hammer in the climber's kit, see Hammer (climber's kit).

A hammer has a blunt, heavy head with one or more flat striking surfaces attached to a shaft. All hammers have a +2 attack bonus if proficient and are either Military or Superior. For Simple bludgeoning weapons, see maces.

List of Weapmons[]

List of Feats[]

Feat Prerequisite Benefit
Bludgeon Expertise +1/+2/+3 feat bonus to attack, +1 feat bonus to squares moved when you push or slide with weapon attacks (also works with maces)
Bludgeon Mastery Str 19, Con 19, level 21+ Critical hit on a natural roll of 19 or 20 for weapon attacks (also works with maces and staffs)
Crippling Crush Warden When immobilizing or slowing an enemy with a weapon attack, deal extra damage equal to your Constitution modifier (also works with hammers)
Crushing Guardian Warden +2/+3/+4 damage bonus per tier to weapon attacks while in Guardian form (also works with hammers)
Dwarven Weapon Training Dwarf +2 feat damage bonus, gain proficiency with hammers (also gain proficiency with axes)
Gnome Weapon Training Gnome, any Martial class +2/+3/+4 feat damage bonus per tier, proficiency with simple and military hammers (and picks)
Hammer Rhythm Str 15, Con 17, level 11+ If you miss with a weapon attack that would otherwise not deal damage on a miss, deal damage equal to your Constitution modifer while not gaining any benefits or modifiers you normally gain to damage (also works with maces)
Hammer Shock Any Martial class, level 11+, trained in Intimidate Melee basic attacks gain the rattling keyword
Lethal Hammer Training Dwarf, Rogue You can use a warhammer or a throwing hammer with Sneak Attack or any Rogue power that normally requires a light blade
Tunnel Stalker Dwarf, Rogue, Str 13, Con 13 You can use any Rogue power that requires a light blade while wielding a hammer with one hand. You reduce Sneak Attack damage by one die when wielding one of these other weapons (also works with axes and picks)