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Harper of Legend is an epic destiny open to good or lawful good adventurers who are members of the Harpers. It has close ties to the Forgotten Realms setting by the membership requirement. [Dr367:7]

Prerequisites: 21st level; good or lawful good alignment; training in any two of Diplomacy, Insight, Nature or Stealth; membership in the Harpers.

Harper's Study (21st level):

  • Choose an encounter power of 13th level or lower from your class (or a class you multiclassed into). You gain that as a bonus encounter power.
  • You can retrain this choice later, but can only choose powers no level then your level-6.

Blessing of Mielikki (24th level):

  • You begin a day with 2 action points instead of 1.
  • Each time an enemy in an encounter spends an action point, you gain the ability to spend one additional action point in that encounter.

Tymora Smiles (26th level):

Spectral Harpist (30th level):

  • Once per day when you die, your body disintegrates into silver dust and your spirit walks free. You ragin maximum hit points and gain the insubstantial and phasing qualities, immunity to poison, and resist necrotic 30. You lose half your remaining surges.
  • After your next extended rest, you reform your body. If you die in spectral Harper form, you are dead.