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Heal is linked to Wisdom.

You know how to help someone recover from wounds or debilitating conditions, including disease.

First Aid[]

Make a Heal check to administer first aid.

  • First Aid: Standard action.
    • DC: Varies depending on the task you’re attempting.
    • Use Second Wind: Make a DC 10 Heal check to allow an adjacent character to use his or her second wind without the character having to spend an action. The character doesn’t gain the defense bonuses normally granted by second wind.
    • Stabilize the Dying: Make a DC 15 Heal check to stabilize an adjacent dying character. If you succeed, the character can stop making death saving throws until he or she takes damage. The character’s current hit point total doesn’t change as a result of being stabilized.
    • Grant a Saving Throw: Make a DC 15 Heal check. If you succeed, an adjacent ally can immediately make a saving throw, or the ally gets a +2 bonus to a saving throw at the end of his or her next turn.

Treat Disease[]

Make a Heal check to treat a character suffering from a disease. Chapter 3 of the Dungeon Master’s Guide has more information about disease.

  • Treat Disease: Part of the diseased character’s extended rest. You must attend the character periodically throughout the extended rest, and you make your Heal check when the rest ends.
    • Replaces Endurance: Your Heal check result determines the disease’s effects if the result is higher than the diseased character’s Endurance check result.

Heal utility powers[]

Characters trained in Heal may select a utility power in place of their class power (but not from a paragon path or epic destiny)