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Hit and run
Ranger Attack 1

Target: One creature

Hit: 1[W] + Strength modifier damage.

Increase damage to 2[W] + Strength modifier at 21st level.

Effect: If you move in the same turn after this attack, leaving the first square adjacent to the target does not provoke an opportunity attack from the target.[PH:105]

Hit and Run is an At-Will power available to rangers at 1st level.

It is considered a poor choice for rangers, as most melee-based rangers generally want to be close to the enemy rather than running away for the purpose of unloading a powerful series of attacks.[1]


The following feats augment Hit and Run:

Feat Prerequisite Benefit
Fluttering Leaf Style [Dr368:60] [Arena Fighting] Wis 13 or elf If you move after the attack, you can move up to your speed +2.
Harlequin Style [Dr373:18] Cha 13 If you move after this exploit, add Charisma modifier to defenses against opportunity attacks made during the movement.
Hunting Wolf Style [Dr373:18] - If you move on the same turn after this exploit, you don't provoke opportunity attacks from any enemy when you leave the first square.
Kulkor Battlearm Student [MP2:118] [Lesser style]] Proficiency with any axe, hammer or mace with versatile property +2 feat bonus to Athletics. Attacking with a weapon with the versatile property, get +2 damage bonus against enemies granting combat advantage to you.
Nerathan High Blade Student [MP2:123] [Lesser Style] Proficiency in a heavy blade with versatile property When attacking with heavy blade with versatile property, gain a +1 bonus to the damage roll for each adjacent enemy.
Rending Chains Student [MP2:128] [Lesser Style] Proficiency with Flail +2 feat bonus to Intimidate. On a hit, can slide an enemy 1 square to a square adjacent to you.
Starlight Duelist Style [Dr368:61] [Arena Fighting] Eladrin Can use Fey step as a free action after this attack (if available).
Urikite Staff Practice [DSCS:112] [Arena Fighting] - +2 feat bonus to Stealth. If you hit, the next attack that hits the enemy before the end of your next turn deals 3 extra damage.