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Holy Lantern
Cleric Utility 6

Ranged 3

Effect: You conjure a holy lantern in a square within range. The lantern sheds bright light in its square and within a 5-square radius. You and your allies gain a +2 power bonus to Insight checks and Perception checks while in the light. The lantern lasts for 10 hours or until you use this power again.
Minor Action: You move the lantern up to your speed.

Holy Lantern is a 6th level Cleric utility power. It is one of the four standard powers available to Clerics, as presented in the player's handbook and class compendium. [PH:66]

It is rated as a terrible power choice as the recommendation is to purchase a torch, or possibly a Lantern with a Miner's helmet. However, it is considered average if in a combination with Tome Expertise, possible if the character is hybrid or has the Occultist character theme.[Charop Cleric]


  • The Class Compendium update clarified that the clause that you can only have a single lantern at a time, and also replaced that clause by saying that it lasts until you use it again. It also had a cosmetic change, where the move action was put on its own line. [Dr399]