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Homebrewed content is not allowed on this wikia. Please view the external links below for that content.

Homebrew, also known as homebrewed content, refers to campaign settings, races, classes, and the like which is invented by a playing group for use within said group. Homebrew content is sometimes shared with other playing groups as well (see "External Links" below for shared 4th Edition homebrew material).

In contrast to house rules, which alter game mechanics for published content, homebrew refers to the use of existing game mechanics for invented content similar to licensed products created through the 4th Edition System Reference Document (SRD). Both homebrewed content and house rules can be used in combination by a group, but house rules tend to be restricted and different based on each playing group. Make sure to ask your Dungeon Master what kind of homebrewed content he/she allows in their playing group, and what house rules are in effect to ease the joining process.

Often times, playing groups will use their own homebrewed campaign setting to allow for unique ideas to flourish to build a campaign setting like how Ed Greenwood and his playing group created the Forgotten Realms campaign setting back in 2nd edition.

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