Hunter's Quarry is a ranger class feature. It is granted to rangers, but not hunters or scouts, at 1st level.[PH:104][U:7/2008] Limited versions of the class feature are granted to characters who take the Warrior of the Wild feat to multiclass as rangers, and to hybrid rangers at 1st level.

Designating a quarry

A ranger with the Hunter's Quarry class feature can, once per turn as a minor action, designate the nearest visible enemy as his or her quarry. This designation lasts until the encounter ends, the quarry is defeated, or the ranger designates a different target.

A multiclass ranger with the Warrior of the Wild feat can designate a quarry only once per encounter, and the designation lasts until the end of the multiclass ranger's next turn.[PH:208][U:6/2008]

Bonus damage

Once per round, the ranger deals 1d6 per tier damage when hitting his or her quarry with an attack. If the ranger can make multiple attacks in a round, the ranger decides which attack to apply the extra damage to after all the attacks are rolled.

A hybrid ranger can add this damage only to ranger powers or ranger paragon path powers.[PH3:148]

Ranger's level Extra damage
1st to 10th level (heroic tier) 1d6
11th to 20th level (paragon tier) 2d6
21st to 30th level (epic tier) 3d6

Related feats

Certain feats and paragon paths can alter damage, target numbers, and the effects that Hunter's Quarry can perform. These feats can improve the effectiveness of Hunter's Quarry:

Feat Benefit
Agile Hunter Melee critical hits on the quarry let the ranger shift 1 as a free action and give the quarry a −2 penalty to attack rolls against the ranger for a turn.
Brutal Accuracy (Elf only) Attacks rerolled with elven accuracy deal additional damage when hitting the quarry.
Darkfire Targeting (Drow only) Hunter's Quarry damage is increased against darkfire targets.
Lethal Hunter Hunter's Quarry extra damage is increased from d6s to d8s.
Precise Hunter Ranged critical hits on the quarry grant allies a +1 bonus to attack rolls against the quarry for a turn.
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