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Implement Expertise is an expertise feat.

Adventurers with this feat first choose an implement. They gain a +1 feat bonus to attack rolls with any implement power used through that type of implement, increasing to +2 at 11th level, and +3 at 21st level.

This feat is obsolete, as it provides no secondary bonus granted by other expertise feats. See below for one of several alternatives.


  • The December 2011 update changed the bonus from untyped to a feat bonus, and moved the increases from levels 15 and 25 to 11 and 21.

See also[]

The following feats give the same benefits as Implement expertise, in addition to a secondary benefit:

  • Holy Symbol Expertise: When you attack an enemy, the enemies cannot gain combat advantage (unless using a power or ability that causes you to grant combat advantage)
  • Ki Focus Expertise: +1 damage bonus per tier against bloodied enemies
  • Orb Expertise: Also grants +1 feat bonus to number of squares of a pull, push or slide
  • Rod Expertise: When holding a rod, grants +1 shield bonus to AC and reflex
  • Staff Expertise: Ranged and area attacks don't provoke opportunity attacks, and melee weapon attacks have reach increased by 1.
  • Tome Expertise: Enemies adjacent to your conjurations or summoned creatures grant combat advantage. This is a fear effect.
  • Totem Expertise: Ignores partial cover and partial concealment.
  • Versatile Expertise: Grants expertise bonus for one weapon and one implement
  • Wand Expertise: Attacks ignore cover and superior cover.