Infernal wrath
tiefling racial power

Trigger: an enemy within this power's range hits you

Target: the triggering enemy

Effect: "The target takes 1d6 + Intelligence or Charisma modifier fire damage.

"Level 11: 2d6 + Intelligence or Charisma modifier fire damage.

"Level 21: 3d6 + Intelligence or Charisma modifier fire damage."[U:5/2010]

Infernal wrath is a racial encounter power gained by tieflings at 1st level. It was changed in May 2010 from an attack bonus to a triggered counterattack.

Feats Edit

Feat Prerequisite Benefit
Avernian Emissary Wrath[Dr379:26] Assassin, assassin's shroud power Once per encounter, can use infernal wrath when you miss your assassin's shroud target, even if expended.
Burning Wrath of Phlegethos[PHRT:25] Avenger, oath of enmity If you use infernal wrath against target of oath of enmity, your melee attacks deal extra fire damage equal to your Intelligence modifier.
Cunning Ambusher[MP:133] Rogue If you have combat advantage, gain a bonus to damage roll equal to Dexterity modifier.
Ferocious Rebuke[PH:195] - Push target 1 square.
Fiendish Defender[MP:143] 11th level, fighter, Combat Challenge Can be triggered by an enemy marked by you and hits an ally with an attack not including you as a target.
Fiery Rebuke[PH:203] 11th level 5 extra fire damage
Hellish Defiance - Until end of its next turn, target provokes opportunity attacks from allies when it attack you.
Infernal Blessing[DP:135] Any divine class One adjacent ally regains hit points equal to Charisma modifier, and gets a +1 power bonus to the next attack roll against triggering enemy.
Infernal Clamor[AP:128] Bard When used, each of your allies you can see gain a +1 power bonus to the next attack roll against triggering enemy before end of next turn.
Infernal Malediction[DP:135] Invoker When used, all attacks you make until end of your next turn gain the fear keyword.
Infernal Might[MP2:136] Any martial class If next attack is a martial weapon power, deals extra 1[W] damage per tier.
Infernal Sneak Attack[MP:144] 11th level, rogue, Sneak Attack Expend infernal wrath to deal +1d6 extra fire damage for each die of Sneak Attack.
Infernal Warrior[MP:147] 21st level, Cha 17, martial class When you receive a critical hit, can use infernal wrath against that enemy even if you already used the power.
Lingering Wrath[MP:137] Fighter, Combat Challenge When you use infernal wrath against an enemy marked by you, get +1 bonus to attack rolls until the mark ends.
Mark of the Infernal[DP:135] Paladin Subjects target for divine sanction until start of your next turn.
Rattling Wrath[MP:138] Cha 15, rogue Rattling powers used against target of infernal wrath impose a −4 penalty to attack rolls.
Renewed Wrath[PHRT:28] 21st level Regain use of infernal wrath when you use second wind or spend an action point.
Rites of Spirits' Blood[PrP:141] Any primal class Gain +2 power bonus to damage rolls on target of infernal wrath.
Unbalancing Wrath[MP:140] Warlord Target grants combat advantage until end of target's next turn.
Wrathful Hunter[MP:145] Ranger, Hunter's Quarry Use infernal wrath against quarry to get +3 power bonus to next attack on the target.
Wrathful Magic[AP:130] Any arcane class When you miss with an arcane attack power, you can use infernal wrath against a creature you missed.

These feats replace infernal wrath:

Feat Prerequisite Benefit
Diabolic Soul[Dr381:87] Tiefling +2 feat bonus to attack rolls against enemy critically hitting you and replaces Infernal wrath with Diabolic Transformation.
Warlock's Wrath[Dr381:86] Tiefling, Warlock Use d8 instead of d6 for Warlock's Curse damage. Replace infernal wrath with Warlock's Wrath power.
Wizard's Wrath[Dr381:88] Tiefling, Wizard Ignore bloodied enemies' fire resistance and immunity. Replace Infernal wrath with Wizard's Wrath power.
Wrath of the Crimson Legion[Dr381:86] Tiefling, Paladin You may choose to use Charisma instead of Strenght for a melee basic attack. Replace infernal wrath with Paladin's Wrath power.


The power was completely changed by errata.

  • Previously, it was a minor action power, which gave a +1 bonus to an attack roll against an enemy that had hit you in the previous turn. If the attack hits and deals damage, it added extra damage equal to the charisma modifier.