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Instant friends
wizard utility 2

Your magic infuses your words with the power of persuasion, clouding a creature's mind and tricking it into thinking of you as its deepest friend.

Requirement: Instant friends must be used outside a combat encounter.

Target: one creature

Effect: The target makes a saving throw. The saving throw has a +5 bonus if the target is the same level as the user or a higher level. It takes a −5 penalty if the target is a lower level than the user or does not have a level.

If the saving throw succeeds, this power has no effect. The target is aware that the user used this power on it if it is the same level as the user or a higher level. Otherwise, it does not know the user used this power.
On a failed saving throw, the target treats the user as a trusted friend for 1d4 hours. It truthfully answers all questions the user asks and aids the user in any way it can as long as doing so does not risk its life or property. While the target is under this effect, the user gains a +5 power bonus to Bluff checks against it.

This effect ends if the user or any of the user's allies attacks the target or any of its allies. Afterward, the target doesn't remember that the user used this power on it.

Instant friends is a 2nd-level wizard daily utility power.

Enchantment magic used in the thick of combat typically needs to control an enemy only for a moment. Outside battle, a wizard can afford to undertake a more subtle approach. Instant friends creates a rapport between caster and target, making it possible for you and your allies to gain valuable aid and information.[HotFL:209]