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"I fight for justice, my faith and my strong arm defending those in need."[PH:102]

Prerequisite: Paladin class

Just Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, each enemy adjacent to you is weakened until the end of its next turn.

Just Spirit (11th level): Each ally adjacent to you can reroll one saving throw at the end of his or her turn.

Just Shelter (16th level): Allies adjacent to you are immune to fear and charm effects and receive a +1 bonus to saving throws.

 Just Radiance Justiciar Attack 11
A burst of light, like purity and justice, explodes from your holy symbol, sending searing pain through enemies you have challenged.
 Encounter + Divine, Implement, Radiant
 Standard Action  Close burst 5
 Target: Each enemy marked by you in burst
 Attack: Charisma vs. Will
 Hit: 2d8 + Charisma modifier radiant damage, and until the end of your next turn, the target cannot make an attack that does not include you.

 Strike Me Instead Justiciar Utility 12
You call upon your innate sense of justice and honor, whisper a short prayer, and redirect an attack so that you take the hit for those you would protect.
 Daily + Divine
 Immediate Interrupt  Personal
 Trigger: An ally within 5 squares of you is attacked
 Effect: The attack misses all of your allies it targets, but automatically hits you even if you weren’t a target of the attack.

 Challenge the Unjust Justiciar Attack 20
Your enemies surround you, and the purity within you cries out for justice. You focus a powerful prayer through your holy symbol, sending forth a radiant burst of punishing force that no enemy can ignore.
 Daily + Divine, Implement, Radiant
 Standard Action Close burst 10
 Target: Each enemy in burst
 Attack: Charisma vs. Will
 Special: If the target has scored a critical hit against you or your allies in this encounter, your attack gains a +2 power bonus and deals +2d10 radiant damage.
 Hit: 3d8 + Charisma modifier radiant damage, and the target is marked until the end of your next turn.
 Miss: Half damage, and the target is marked until the end of your next turn.