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Illustration of a Kenku by Peter Bergting, introduced in Dragon Magazine #411
Abilities +2 Charisma
and either
+2 Dexterity or
+2 Intelligence
Skills +2 Bluff
+2 Stealth
Size Medium
Speed 6
Vision low-light
Languages Common + 1
Traits Flock Effect
Flock Tactics
Avg. height 5'0"–5'6"
152–168 cm
Avg. weight 110–150 lbs.
50–68 kg

Kenku is a player character race in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.[MM2:220][Dr411:7]


Kenku adventurers generally prefer the Assassin, Bard, Rogue or Psion classes.

Racial traits[]

Kenkus have the following racial traits.

Flock Effect
When a kenku has combat advantage from flanking, the bonus to attack rolls is +3 instead of +2.
Flock Tactics
A kenku can use the flock tactics racial power, a minor action encounter utility power that either causes an enemy adjacent to an ally to grant combat advantage to the kenku, or performs aid another or aid attack with a +3 instead of +2 bonus if successful.
You can imitate sounds and voices you have heard. Each time you attempt to mimic a sound, you must succeed on a Bluff check to fool those who hear the sound into believing it is genuine.

Racial feats[]

  • Improved Flock Tactics - When flock tactics grants combat advantage, gain +3 feat bonus to damage to affected enemies. If flock tactics is used with aid attack, the ally gains combat advantage instead of gaining the bonus from aid attack.

Racial utility powers[]

  • Beak mask
  • Rally the flock
  • Shadow feathers
  • Shadow in the flock
  • Ancestral wings