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Knight is a subclass of fighter introduced in Heroes of the Fallen Lands. Knights are pure defenders.[HotFL:123]

For players who value offense and defense.

The other fighter subclasses are weaponmaster and slayer.

Class Traits[]

The knight is primairly designed to wear the heavist of armor and shields, with either a heavy blade or a hammer.


From the class skills list below, choose three trained skills at 1st level.

Athletics and Endurance are recommended as the primary choices.

Class Features[]

  • Level 1:
    • Defender aura, which is a replacement for the mark mechanic (without defender aura). Inflicts strength modifier damage on a miss.
    • Weapon Talent, a +1 to attack rolls of weapon attacks
    • Battle guardian, performs a melee basic attack on an enemy that either shifts or attacks your ally
    • Choose one:
      • Shield Finesse feat
      • Spinning Deflection: While wielding a quarterstaff, you are considered to be wielding a shield for powers and effects that require you to wield one. You also gain a +1 shield bonus to AC and reflex.[Dr391:46]
  • Level 4: +2 bonus to initiative. Increases to +4 at level 9.
  • Level 5: +1 bonus to damage rolls of weapon attacks
  • Level 7: Pick one weapon specialization
    • Bladed step: After using power strike with a heavy blade, shift 1 square to an adjacent enemy and gain combat advantage on that enemy until the end of your next turn.
    • Bludgeoning Staff: When you use power strike with a staff, you can push the target up to 2 squares and can shift 2 squares.
    • Staggering hammer: After using power strike with a hammer on an adjacent target, the target is immobilized until the end of your next turn or until you are no longer adjacent to it. You also gain combat advantage against the target until the end of your next turn.

See also Feywild Guardian

Knight Powers[]

At-will fighter stances

1st level (pick two)

Attack exploits Class features improvements Utility exploits

1st level

1st level

  • +1 to attack rolls of weapon attacks

2nd level

3rd level
  • Improved Power Strike (+1 use)

4th level

  • +2 initiative

5th level

  • +1 bonus to damage rolls of weapon attacks
6th level
  • Ignore weakness (slater cross-class)Char-op rank 4 [HotFL:158]
7th level
  • One additional fighter stance
  • Class feature (bladed step, staggering hammer)

8th level

9th level

  • +4 initiative (replaces +2)
10th level
  • Battlefield healing(Heal) [HotFL:137]
  • Defensive advance(athletics) [HotFL:138]
  • Iron defiance (endurance) [HotFL:138]
  • Fearsome threat (intimidate) [HotFL:138]
  • Clearheaded (slater cross-class, endurance) Char-op rank 4 {[cite HotFL|159}}
  • Mighty Surge {[cite Dragon|379}}

11th level (stalwart knight)

  • First turn, bonus to speed and melee weapon damage equal to constitution modifier
  • Action point benefit: Resist 10 all damage.
  • Extra use of Power Strike

12th level (stalwary knight)

  • Shielding blade
  • Bludgeoning counterstrike

13th level

  • Extra use of power strike

15th level

  • +2 bonus to damage rolls of melee weapon attacks (replaces +1)

16th level

  • Bolstering stride

16th level (stalwart knight)

  • Resist 5 all while bloodied.
17th level
  • One additional fighter stance
19th level
  • Using second wind or total defense creates aura 1 for 1 round - allies receive +2 power bonus to defenses

20th level (stalwart knight)

  • When using power strike, can slide 1 square, or one additional square.
22nd level
  • Knight's valor [HotFL:144]
23rd level
  • Can spend additional healing surge when using second wind.
25th level
  • +3 bonus to damage rolls of melee weapon attacks (replaces +2)
29th level
  • Make one saving throw at start of turn.

Feywild Guardian[]

Eladrin may replace some of the class features or powers of the knight:

  • Feywild guardian replaces battle guardian[Dr395], where you teleport before making the attack but don't inflict damage on a miss.
  • Can choose Glimmering Blade as a stance at level 1,[Dr395] which allows teleporting after making an attack
  • Eldritch Tactics at level 2[Dr395]
  • Bewitching Glare at level 6[Dr395]
  • Arcane Instincts at level 10[Dr395]

Paragon paths[]