D&D4 Wiki
Attack bonus if proficient +2/+2
Weapon dice ([W]) 1d10 (primary end)
1d6 (secondary end)
Type melee
Handedness double
Proficiency category superior
Weapon groups (primary end)
(secondary end)
Weapon properties Defensive, reach (primary end)
off-hand (secondary end)
Price 10 gp
Weight 3 lb.

The kusari-gama is a weapon based on a tool used by farmers and peasants to tend crops and for other mundane uses.  It consists of a sickle (or kama) on one end of a chain, and a heavy weight on the other end. It is introduced in Dragon magazine article, Class Acts: Assassin. [Dr404]

It is a member of the superior weapon group. The only class proficient with this weapon is an executioner assassin that chooses Way of the Ninja as the guild, also introduced in the same article.

This is a defensive weapon, which grants a +1 bonus to AC.

This weapon is a requirement for whirling kusari-gama, an at-will assassin attack power.


An update changed the primary end damage from 1d8 to 1d10. [U]