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Languages are what allow players to communicate with characters and other players in the adventure.

All languages are descended from Supernal, because when the mortal races first heard the language of the gods, they each interpreted it in a unique fashion.[DMG:171]

All player characters can speak Common, gain one or more additional languages depending on race, and can learn additional languages with the Linguist feat. Unless specified otherwise, characters can speak, read and write the languages they know,

The languages described in the core rulebooks are:

Dwarven Alphabet

letters A through Z and numerals 1 through 0 in Davek, the script used by Dwarven and Giant

Elven Script (Rellanic)

letters A through Z and numerals 1 through 0 in Rellanic, the script used by Deep Speech and Elven

Additional languages described in Dark Sun:

  • Thri-Kreen[DSCS:15]: a language unique to the Thri-kreen race that uses features that members of other races have trouble duplicating. It is associated with the Chachik script.

Additional languages described for use in the Eberron game setting are:

Forgotten Realms contains additional languages:

Psionic Power includes the language of the mind, which by only be learned by psionic characters and through the appropriate background or with the linguist feat. This special language only exists in script.

Dungeon Masters may create other languages and scripts in the game to suit their needs.[DMG:171]

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