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Link to the Pillars
Level 7+ Uncommon

Level 7: +2 2,600gp
Level 12: +3 13,000gp
Level 17: +4 65,000gp
Level 22: +5 325,000gp
Level 27: +6 1,625,000gp

Property: You gain a +2 item bonus to any skill check required by a ritual.
Level 16 or 22: +4 item bonus.
Level 27: +6 item bonus.
Power(Daily): Immediate Interrupt. Trigger: You take damage of a specific type. Effect: You gain resist 5 to the triggering damage type. If the triggering damage has more than one type, then you choose one of its types. This effect lasts until the end of the encounter.
Level 12 or 17: Resist 10.
Level 22 or 27: Resist 15.

Link to the Pillars is a divine boon for dedicated worshippers of Ioun.[Dr397]