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Maggot Conduit
Warlock attack 7

Target: Each creature in burst

Attack: Constitution vs Fortitude

Hit: 2d8 + Constitution modifier acid damage

Effect: Star Pact: The burst creates a zone that lasts until the end of you next turn. Any creature entering the zone or ending its turn there takes damage equal to 1 + Intelligence modifier (a creature can take this damage only once per turn.)[Dr403:36]

Maggot Conduit is an encounter power available to Warlocks at 3rd level, and is designed for use with the star pact.

Maggot Conduit was introduced in "Class Acts—Warlock: Strange Constellations" by Bruce R. Cordell in Dragon #403, an article meant to improve the ability for Star Pact warlocks to use Constitution-based abilities at certain levels.

It is a good choice for star pact warlocks, as it can lock down an area for light damage. It is an average choice without this pact. [1]