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Mask of the Eye Leech
Level 8+ uncommon

Level 8: +2 3,400gp
Level 18: +4 85,000gp
Level 28: +6 2,125,000gp

Item slot: Head
Power(Daily, Standard Action): Attack: close burst 1; one creature in burst; Intelligence + 2, Wisdom + 2, or Charisma + 2 vs. Will; the target is blinded until the end of your next turn. While the target is blinded, you do not suffer negative effects of blindness and you gain darkvision or low-light vision if the target has either.
Level 18: Close burst 2; +4 vs. Will.
Level 28: Close burst 3, +6 vs. Will.
Sustain minor: Repeat the attack against the target to maintain the effects.

Mask of the Eye Leech is a magic item introduced in Bazaar of the Bizarre article in Dragon Magazine. [Dr369:16] The article describes creating magic items that seemed like standard magical gear, but had a functional history attached to them.

This mask was originally crafted by an assassin from the Shadowfell.