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Mind spike
battlemind attack

Trigger: an enemy adjacent to and marked by the user damages an ally of the user with an attack that doesn't include the user as a target

Target: the triggering enemy

Effect: "The target takes force and psychic damage equal to the damage that its attack dealt to your ally."[PH3:44]

Mind spike is an at-will power granted to battleminds with the Psionic Defense class feature.


Bolstering Spike - Gain temporary hit points equal to Constitution modiifer
Death's Grasp Revenant Augment 1: Each enemy adjacent to the target takes necrotic damage equal to your Constitution modifier.
Fearsome Spike 21st level Also mark enemies adjacent to targets until end of your next turn
Lure of Iron - Slide target 1 square
Nature's Sentinel Wilden Aspect of the Destroyer: Target takes extra damage equal to wisdom modifier
Prescient Retaliation 21st level Can use as immediate interrupt instead of immediate reaction
Punishing Spike - Target alto takes -2 penalty to the next saving throw it makes before start of your next turn.
Rapid Mind Spike 21st level First use of mind spike in a round doesn't count toward limit of number of immeidate actions in a round.
Spike of Madness Foulborn Heritage Slide target 1 square, and target grants combat advantage until end of your next turn.
Staggering Spike 11th level Triggering enemy grants combat advantage to one ally until end of target's next turn.
Steel Rebuke 11th level Enemies adjacent to the target take psychic damage equal to Wisdom or Charisma modifier
Vengeance Spike 21st level Also gain +2 bonus to attack rolls against that target until end of your next turn.