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Minion is a Monster role.

  • Specializes at disposable front-line combat.
  • Groups in large numbers to overwhelm the party.
  • Is vulnerable in all types of combat, especially AOEs.
  • Usually is just composed of a large group of themselves.


  • Initiative bonus: +0
  • Hit points: 1, a missed attack never damages a minion.
  • AC: Level + 16
  • Other defenses: Level + 12
  • Attack vs AC: Level + 3
  • Attack vs other defenses: Level + 3


Minions take no damage from missed attacks, even if the attack normally deals damage on a miss. A minion is destroyed when it takes any amount of damage, however. Due to this special property, attacks that sacrifice damage for accuracy, deal damage without an attack roll, deal damage to multiple targets, or create damaging zones can all help a party overcome minions.