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This illustration of a minotaur by Eric Belisle accompanied the "Winning Races: Minotaurs" article in Dragon issue #389.
Abilities Strength, and either
Constitution or Wisdom
Skills Nature
Size Medium
Speed Normal
Vision Normal
Languages Common + 1
Traits Vitality
Heedless Charge
Goring Charge
Avg. height 7'1"–7'5"
216–226 cm
Avg. weight 320–350 lbs.
145–159 kg

Minotaur is a player character race in Dungeons & Dragons 4th edition introduced in Player's Handbook 3.[PH3:10][MM:278][Dr369:6]

Racial traits

Minotaurs receive the following racial traits.

  • Vitality: Minotaurs gain one additional healing surge.
  • Ferocity: When minotaurs drop to 0 hit points or fewer, they can make a melee basic attack as an immediate interrupt action.
  • Heedless Charge: Minotaurs gain a moderate racial bonus to AC against opportunity attacks provoked during a charge.
  • Goring Charge: Minotaurs gain use of the goring charge racial power.

Minotaur feats

The following feats have the minotaur race as a prerequisite. Other prerequisites are noted.

Heroic Tier
Feat Prerequisite Benefit
Bloodied Ferocity You can make a melee basic attack as a free action when first bloodied during an encounter, but grant combat advantage until end of next turn.
Brutal Ferocity Ferocity Minor bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls of the melee basic attack granted by Ferocity.
Charging Admixture Artificer, curative admixture power Curative admixture target gets minor to moderate bonus to damage rolls on charge attacks until end of next turn.
Ferocious Frenzy Ferocity Dropping to 0 hp or fewer allows making a melee basic attack against each adjacent enemy at minor penalty to attack rolls (instead of the attack granted by Ferocity).
Goring Shove[PH3:180] Goring Charge, Str 15 Goring Charge pushes target a square.
Greathorn[Dr369:9] Goring Charge Goring Charge uses d8 as damage dice.
Honor's Path - In place of opportunity attack, you can grant an ally adjacent to you a minor power bonus to all defenses until end of next turn.
Horned Nightmare Assassin, shade form power Gain phasing when charging while benefiting from the shade form power.
Horns of the Shadow Reaper Assassin, Assassin's shroud power If you have a shroud on a target of goring charge, minor bonus to attack roll and can shift half your speed as part of the charge after resolving the attack.
Minotaur Soul Revenant Can make a basic attack as a free action when faling unconscious.
Minotaur Weapon Talent - Proficiency with battleaxe, handaxe, warhammer, and throwing hammer.
Natural Cunning - Moderate feat bonus to Perception, and checks to avoid becoming lost
Opportunity Gore Goring Charge Uses Goring Charge in place of opportunity attack (ignoring charge requirement)
Psionic Ferocity Ferocity, psionic class If you have a low number of power points when you would make a melee basic attack using Ferocity, can expend the power point to deal a minor amount of extra damage for weapon attacks, or 1d8 for other attacks.
Springing Charge - Once a round, on scoring a critical hit with a charge, can charge a different creature as a free action.
Vigilant Recovery Wis 13 When you hit an enemy with an attack, that enemy does not benefit from combat advantage against you until the start of your next turn.
Paragon Tier
Feat Prerequisite Benefit
Beast Within - Minor bonus to attack rolls and damage rolls while bloodied.
Bloodborn Recovery Ferocity Scoring a critical hit with melee basic attack granted by Ferocity allows spending a healing surge.
Bloody Gore Goring Charge Regain use of Goring Charge when first bloodied in an encounter.
Vicious Ferocity Ferocity Can use any at-will attack in place of the melee basic attack granted by Ferocity.
Epic Tier
Feat Prerequisite Benefit
Mythic Senses - Substitute perception check for initiative check.
Uncanny Scent Trained in Perception Ignore concealment and total concealment for creatures within a small number of squares, and detect location of invisible creatures within a number of squares.
Vicious Stomp Goring charge When you knock a target prone with goring charge, you can make a melee basic attack against the target as a free action.

Minotaur paragon paths

The following paragon paths have the minotaur race as a prerequisite. Other prerequisites are noted.


  • The Minotaur in Monster Manual had the oversized class feature, which allowed using weapons one size larger as if they were the minotaur's size. This didn't persist when formally introduced in Dragon 369 or PHB3.
  • The Monster Manual version didn't require charging for goring charge.
  • The versions before the he Minotaur in PHB3 didn't have the vitality trait.
  • Goring charge before PHB3 worked only on Strength, rather than being a choice of three stats.
  • PHB3 introduced a bonus to Wisdom as an option for Minotaurs.


In D&D, Minotaurs are considered civilized, but are dangerously close to bestial impulses. Their society is complex, with merit-based castes, which priests occupying the highest caste. [Dr369:7]

They were originally raised by Baphomet, but after his defeat, they were claimed by Erathis, eventually founding the city of Ruul on an archipelago. Influence from Baphomet caused corruption in the city, leading to the destruction by Melora and Kord.

They generally revere the old gods, Erathis and Moradin, generally take up allegiance with Pelor and Bahamut, but tend to dislike Melora and Kord due to the destruction of the city.

See also:

  • Dragon 369, page 5, Playing Minotaurs