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Minotaur Kinspeaker is a minotaur paragon path introduced in Dragon 369, Playing Minotaurs. It is available to minotaurs with the leader role.

Prerequisite: Minotaur, leader role.

Ancestral Allies (11th level): When you hit an enemy with an opportunity attack, the target grants combat advantage to you and your allies until the end of your next turn.

Counseled Action (11th level): When you spend an action point to take an extra action, each ally that can see and hear you can reroll all failed skill checks until the end of your next turn. The ally must keep the second result.

Lend Spiritual Aid (16th level): When an ally within 5 squares of you that can see and hear you spends an action point to make an attack, that ally gains concealment until the end of your next turn.

Unleashed Beast
Minotaur Kinspeaker Attack 11

Range: Ranged 10

Target: one ally

Ancestral Congress
Minotaur Kinspeaker Utility 12

Daily ✦ Keywords: fear, stance

Range: Personal

Effect: You and all adjacent allies gain concealment. If an enemy ends its turn adjacent to you, you can slide that foe 1 square.

Ancestral Possession
Minotaur Kinspeaker Attack 20

Daily ✦ Keywords: psychic, reliable

Range: Close blast 5

Target: One creature

Attack: Wisdom +6 vs. Will or Charisma +6 vs. Will

Hit: 2d8+Wisdom modifier or Charisma modifier psychic damage, and target is dominated (save ends).