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Mirrorblade Army
Swordmage Attack 29

From your image reflected in your blade, you conjure an army of duplicates to help assault your foes anywhere on the battlefield.

Ranged 10

Effect: You conjure a number of mirror images of yourself equal to your Constitution modifier (minimum 1) within range. Each mirror image occupies 1 square. Enemies cannot move through an image's space, but allies can.

You can make attacks, including opportunity attacks, as though you occupied the same space as a mirror image. A mirror image still provokes opportunity attacks as normal for using a ranged or an area attack.

A mirror image can be targeted by attacks. It has the same defenses, resistances, and immunities as you. A mirror image has 1 hit point, and a missed attack never damages it. A mirror image reduced to 0 hit points is destroyed.

Sustain minor: The effect persists.

Mirrorblade Army is a daily power available to swordmages at the 29th level.[AP:63]