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Mithrendain is a city found within the feywild. Its name is derived from the elf phrase "wall of the fortress", but has since become synonymous with the beauty and longevity of the Eladrin. It is home to 40,000 people who are mostly Eladrin. It is also known as the Autumn City.

Mithrendain was originally a citadel, built around a barrier to block a passage from the underdark. As time passed, the purpose of the fortress was slowly forgotten by all but the handful of leaders, with no attempt to breach the barrier. Newer generations continued with city growth, eventually building a city around the original citadel.


The primary defenders of Mithrendain is members of the city guard, who are volunteers who patrol the streets day and night. These are supported by the Watchers of the Night, a secret police force.

There are two magical defense mechanisms:

  • Revelation Spheres: Each revelation sphere radiates a 20-square aura (and is blocking terrain). Powers with the illusion keyword can't be used within the aura, and powers with the illusion keyword end upon entering the aura. Revelation spheres provide full overlapping coverage in the city.
  • Tremor Wards: Each tremor ward radiates a 20-square aura that flows into the earth. They detect a break in the ground large enough to let a small creature through, and respond by create a path of runes leading from the Citadel Arcamum to the site of the breach.

Magical defenses are maintained by the nearby residuum storms from the Plains of Valdrennai, which collects on the buildings and streets of the city.

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