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Nerathi Legends is a series of Dragon magazine articles authored by Richard Baker intended to provide information concerning the standard D&D 4e setting, and the area surrounding Nerath. The series is intended to complement the Conquest of Nerath game, providing information concerning a small sample of settings to create enough of a backdrop for campaigns outside the Nentir Vale.

Article Title Description
Dr 398 Sarthel, City of Silver A city state just south of Nentir Vale. Withstood centuries of conflict, but is under threat from the Iron Circle infiltration.
Dr 399 The Seven Kings of Karkoth Northeast. A realm known to use legions of undead.
Dr 400 The Iron Wolf Barbarians The Iron Wolf Tribe, who became allied with Nerath due to an attack of orcs. Includes Iron Wolf Warrior character theme.
Dr 401 Merindaelion, Barony of the Emerald Blade A human-elf barony that held out against gnoll invasions. Also provides the Thaliessan Blood feat for half-elves.
Dr 402 Adretia, the Citadel of Iron's Grasp Southwest Iron Circle region. Described an antagonistic organization. Includes two creatures stats.
Dr 403 Realm of the Gorgon King A monster-haunted land, now in control of Fell Giants.
Dr 405 The Knights of Rethmil Near the Iron Circle's territory. Includes the Arcane lance swordmage power.
Dr 406 Rangers of Cernall Far east, and slightly south, an area controlled by shifter druids. Includes a Silver Hart Clasp.