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Phantasmal assailant
wizard attack 5

Target: one creature

Attack: Intelligence vs. Will

Hit: 2d10 + Intelligence modifier psychic damage.

Effect: The target takes ongoing 5 psychic damage, and grants combat advantage to the user's allies (save ends both).

Phantasmal assailant is a 5th-level wizard daily attack power. A target hit by phantasmal assailant takes psychic damage. In addition, hit or miss, phantasmal assailant causes the target to take ongoing psychic damage and grant combat advantage to the user's allies until the target saves.

Phantasmal assailant was originally published in the "Class Acts: Wizard" article about illusion powers by Rodney Thompson in Dragon #364.[Dr364:69] Phantasmal assailant was republished in Arcane Power with its effect causing the target to grant combat advantage to both the user and the user's allies.[AP:105] The effect was corrected back to granting combat advantage only to the user's allies in the April 2009 update.[U :4/2009]