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Phantom Steed
Exploration 6

You conjure black, ghostly horses. They sniff the air and stamp impatiently as if ready to ride like the wind. Their hooves, manes, and tails trail off into mist.

Time: 10 minutes
Duration: 12 hours
Component Cost: 70 gp
Market Price: 360 gp
Key Skill: Arcana

This ritual conjures forth up to eight horselike creatures. Each one is Large and can be ridden by you or any other character you designate during the ritual.[PH:310]

Your Arcana check determines the speed of the steeds you conjure and whether they have any special movement capabilities. The steeds have the special movement capabilities associated with your check result and all lower results.

Arcana Check Result  Speed  Special Movement
19 or lower  10  None
20–29  12  Ignore difficult terrain
30–39 15  Move on water as if it were solid ground
40 or higher  20  Fly (altitude limit 10)

The steeds cannot attack or affect other creatures in any way other than to serve as mounts. Each steed’s defense scores are equal to its rider’s (or yours, if the steed has no rider). A phantom steed is immune to any effect other than damage.

A steed created by this ritual lasts for 12 hours or until it takes any damage. When the ritual ends, or when a steed is destroyed, the steed fades into nothingness and its rider lands on his or her feet in the steed’s space. If a steed is flying when it disappears, the rider descends safely to the ground, landing at the start of his or her next turn.

See also[]

  • Phantom Bridle: Magic item that grants resist 20 to all damage to one of the steeds.