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Pit fighter is a fighter paragon path that focuses on dirty fighting techniques developed by a need to survive.

"I fight dirty, and I fight to win."[PH:87]


Pit fighters were expert warriors who had learned to fight in closed spaces, such as dungeons or gladiator pits. To survive these dangerous battles, pit fighters picked up unorthodox survival methods that might be considered dishonorable or "dirty." However, while the pit fighter's style might not have been elegant or dignified, it did what it needed to do.[PH:87]


Pit fighters, in order to better survive the dangerous circumstances in which they placed themselves, learned to make the best of the tools they had. Pit fighters were more proficient in the use of their arms than most other fighters, positioning them to deflect or absorb blows better. Pit fighters learned also how, in times of stress, to deal heavier blows than most fighters were able. Many also learned to use "dirty fighting" to their advantage, adding an extra level of pain to the blows they dealt through various tricks that were often unpleasant to watch and endure.[PH:87]

Pit fighter exploits were often just as vicious as their training and lacked any sense of honor. Pit fighters were trained to strike an enemy when he or she was down, so as to keep their enemy from rising again. Pit fighters were trained to turn their pain into power, allowing them to be strengthened by the very blows they took. This terrifying rage and capability for endurance, as well as any lack of battlefield courtesy or honor, made pit fighters terrifying to their foes, sending many who were not killed scurrying.[PH:87]