D&D4 Wiki
Abilities +2 Charisma, and either
+2 Dexterity or
+2 Intelligence
Skills +2 Nature
+2 Stealth
Size Tiny
Speed 4
fly 6 (altitude limit 1) unless carrying more than a normal load
Vision Low-Light
Languages Common, Elven
Traits Fey Origin
Speak with Beasts
Wee Warrior
Pixie Magic
Avg. height 0'6"–1'0"
15–30 cm
Avg. weight 1–4 lbs.
0.5–1.8 kg

Pixie is a player character race in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.[HotF:28]

Racial Traits[]

Pixies receive the following racial traits.

  • Fey Origin
  • Speak with Beasts: You can communicate with natural beasts and fey beasts
  • Wee Warrior: You have a reach of 1, rather than the reach of 0 that is typical for a Tiny creature. You also take a -5 penalty to Strength checks to break or force open objects. When wielding a weapon of your size, you follow the same rules that Small creatures do.
  • Pixie Magic: Pixies gain pixie dust and shrink as encounter powers.

Special Rules[]

Sharing a Space: Because you are Tiny, you can enter the space of a Small or larger creature and end your turn there (forced movement must still end in an unoccupied space, unless noted otherwise). Two creatures are considered adjacent if they are in the same square.

Altitude Limit: You fall at the end of your turn if you are using your racial fly speed and are more than 1 square above the ground.

Weapons: Because you follow the same weapon rules as a Small creature, you cannot use a two-handed weapon unless it has the small property. When you use a versatile weapon, you must use it two-handed but don't gain the normal +1 bonus to damage for using it in that manner.