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Powers are the special actions your character can perform, ranging from attacks, to healing, to support abilities like flying through the air.

Power Type

There are two power types[RC:89]:

  • Attack Powers: These powers are used to damage or hinder others. Some attack powers have beneficial effects as well.
  • Utility Powers: These powers have a variety of uses, including granting bonuses. Some are useful only outside combat, others are useful only in combat, and some can be used in both situations.

Each power has a number of key words and rules associated with it. Page 54 of the Player's Handbook details how powers work and how to read their descriptions.

Usage Type

There are several classifications that separate powers based on how often they can be used (their usage type).

Action Type

Powers require different actions to perform the power; either standard action, move action, minor action, free action, immediate reaction, immediate interrupt, opportunity action or "no action".

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