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Power strike
ranger attack

Trigger: this power's user uses a weapon to hit an enemy with a melee basic attack

Effect: The enemy takes an extra 1[W] damage from the triggering attack.

Level 17: 2[W] damage

Level 27: 3[W] damage

Power strike is a ranger encounter attack power. It allows the user to deal extra damage when hitting with a melee basic attack.[HotFK:181] It is identical to the fighter version of power strike, aside from being a ranger power rather than a fighter power.

Power strike is granted to scouts through the Power Strike class feature. They gain additional uses of the power through the improved power strike class feature at levels 3, 11 (requires paragon path), and 13.

Other rangers can gain the Ranger's Powerful Strike feat to swap a leveled ranger encounter attack power for power strike.[Dr400]

The March 2011 update changed both versions of power strike to no action instead of free action, to prevent conflicts with the one free action attack per turn limit.[U]

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