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Prime Shot is a ranger and warlock class feature.

Characters with the Prime Shot class feature get a +1 bonus to ranged attack rolls against a target, if no allies are nearer to the target than the character.[PH:104]


Feat Prerequisite Benefit
Called Shot


- +5 damage against Prime Shot targets.
Courageous Shooter


Multiclass Ranger feat, paragon multiclassing as ranger Gain the Prime Shot class feature.
Cursed Shot


Warlock with Warlock's Curse When determining who is nearest, Prime Shot doesn't factor allies adjacent to you, as well as allies who are helpless, stunned, dominated, unconscious or petrified.
Improved Prime Shot


21st level, Wis 17, Ranger Increases bonus to +2.
Prime Burst


- Prime Shot also applies to area burst attacks.
Prime Quarry


11th level, Wis 15, Ranger with Hunter's Quarry Bonus to attack rolls increases to +2 if the target is also your quarry.
Primed Curse


Warlock with Warlock's Curse Attack roll bonus increases to +2 if the target is also cursed by you.
Prime Punisher


11th level If no other ally is adjacent to an enemy you are adjacent to, for melee attacks against that enemy, you receive any bonuses you gain while using your Prime Shot class feature.