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Purple Dragon Commander's Ring
Level 13 Uncommon
Power: Power (Daily, Arcane, Standard Action): Detect Magic and Poison: Activated by command word (usually inscribed on the inside of the ring, and typically "Bonthar". When the power is activated and the ring touched to food or drink, it glows with an eerie gold-green if the substance is poisonous and bright blue if it is enchanted (including potions), although the ring cannot identify what sort of poison or magic is present.

Power (Daily, Arcanr, Immediate Interrupt): You can use this power when you fall. You take no damage from the fall, regardless of its distance, and you do not fall prone at the end of the fall.

The Purple Dragon Commander's Ring was published in Dragon 365, page 20. It is a magic item pertaining to the Purple Dragons.


Arcana DC 15: These rings are normally found only in the hands of the Purple Dragons of Cormyr (of Ornrion rank or higher), the royal family of that nation, or by individuals performing special missions on behalf of the crown. The Purple Dragons use them to protect the royal family from assassination attempts by poison, and also to verify that merchants claiming the sale of magic potions are not being fraudulent.