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“For crown and country!”[1][FRPG:69]

The Purple Dragon Knights of Cormyr live only to serve the Crown of Cormyr as they defend its people and serve within their armies. They are some of the finest warriors this nation has to offer, and they offer work alongside the War Wizards of Cormyr to create strategic plans for ensuring victories on the battlefields.[1][FRPG:69]

Honor is the most important aspect of any Purple Dragon Knight. They are trained to never bend in this honor as they would be dishonoring the memories of fallen comrades. They must hold strong to this oath for enemies of the kingdom will use whatever they can to take hold in this lovely kingdom of Cormyr. This is most important when they act as envoys, discussing with foreign kingdoms for potential alliances to the crown.[1][FRPG:69]

Purple Dragon Knight Features[]

Cormyrian Knight Training (11th level): When the knight uses their second wind, you gain a minor bonus to attack rolls until the end of your next turn.[1][FRPG:69]

Purple Dragon Focus (11th level): When the knight spends an action point to take an extra action, they are able to use the second wind as a free action.[1][FRPG:69]

Purple Dragon Aura (16th level): All allied creatures near you gain a minor bonus to all saving throws.[1][FRPG:69]

Purple Dragon Knight Powers[]

Rallying Attack (11th-level Attack): An encounter-based action where the knight strikes with their melee weapon, dealing addition damage and granting allied creatures a minor bonus to attack rolls against the target for a short duration.[1][FRPG:69]

Rallying Cry (12th-level Utility Power): An encounter-based minor action that causes the knight to emit a close-ranged burst. The knight and all allied creatures within the burst's range gains a minor bonus to speed and saving throws for a short duration.[1][FRPG:69]

For Cormyr! (20th-level Attack): A daily action that causes the knight to emit a close-ranged burst. All enemies within the burst's range must make a save or be pushed away from the knight and take a minor penalty to attack rolls, all defenses, and saving throws. All allied creatures within the burst's range gain a set number of temporary hit points.[1][FRPG:69]

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