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Frenzied berserker

"For Kord!"[MP:32]

Ravagers are the pinnacles of battlerager training, savage warriors who fight with a rage and sense of bloodlust more typical of barbarians. Stories are told of the terrifying fury unleashed by ravagers, who are said to chew on their shield's rim or weapon just to diffuse the excess rage caused by a battle too long delayed. Ravagers charge into combat with little care for their safety, leaving a trail of bloodshed and gore in their wake.[MP:32]

Ravagers, who rely on their adrenaline and physical power to carry them through battle, look down upon more disciplined fighters, particularly those that involve the use of "effete" weapons such as rapiers. They laugh off insults that describe them as uncultured or brutish, knowing that when others quake in terror at the horrors of battle they will stand fast and ready. To a ravager, every battle is an opportunity to earn glory, fame, or even the favors of some warrior god and they treat each one as if it were their last, acting with reckless and foolish but sometimes inspiring bravery.[MP:32]


Ravagers do not train so much as they survive battle after battle, gaining their abilities through direct experience in combat and deadly rage. What abilities they have focus almost solely on dealing more damage and slaying more foes. Even the most inexperienced ravagers learn early on to throw every ounce of their body into an attack, dealing considerably more lethal blows as a result. At the same time ravagers gain the ability to draw strength from victory and with their growing confidence their attacks grow more deadly. More experienced ravagers are wise to avoid, since even their missing is not a guarantee one will not be killed by a follow-up blow.[MP:32]

Ravager exploits are similarly savage. Ravagers drive their foes before them, forcing back enemies who wish not to be caught in the ravager's storm of blows. Similarly, with marked savagery, ravagers force their foes to defend themselves so often that they are unable to care for their wounds, worsening their physical state even further. Ravagers themselves avoid this trap and with the blood-soaked fury exploit, ravagers learn not only to take confidence and strength from each enemy they slain, but increased vigor as well, making them even more difficult to kill.[MP:32]