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The Rebreather is an optimized character build, which focuses on using the dragon breath racial power multiple times per round.

Core elements[]

  • Character must be a dragonborn, with dragon breath.
  • Must be a sorcerer, with a Dragon Soul. The Dragon Soul option should match your breath weapon.
    • If choosing a hybrid sorcerer, you need to get a Hybrid Talent feat to obtain the Dragon Soul.
  • Character Theme: Sensate. This gives you temporary hit points whenever you use dragon breath, equal to one-half your level.
  • Select Ancient Soul as a feat. This allows you to recharge your dragon breath power if you take damage of the same type.
  • Select Nusemnee's Atonement as a feat. This allows you to aim your dragon breath power at allies, and redirect damage to yourself to recharge dragon breath.


  • Consider damaging oneself with an attack power to be a bag-of-rats, thus you don't get benefit of Ancient Soul should you damage yourself.
  • Can safely house rule that a power is expended after you use it, and recharging it while in progress would still expend it.