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Runepriest is a divine leader class in 4th edition Dungeons & Dragons.[PH3:98]

Class traits[]

A 1st-level runepriest begins with hit points equal to 12 plus the runepriest's Constitution score, healing surges per day equal to 7 plus the runepriest's Constitution modifier, and a +2 bonus to Will defense. A runepriest gains 5 hit points per level.

Class proficiencies[]

Runepriests have cloth, leather, hide, chainmail, scale, and light shield armor proficiencies, and simple melee and simple ranged weapon proficiencies.

Class skills[]

Runepriests are trained in Religion, plus any three skills from the runepriest class skill list:

Rune Master[]

Powers with the runic keyword have two possible added benefits, labeled rune of destruction and rune of protection. When a character uses a runic power, he or she chooses one of the two runes, and the power gains the corresponding benefit. When a character chooses a rune in this way, he or she enters the rune state associated with the chosen rune. A character's rune state ends when he or she enters a different rune state, or at the end of the encounter.

A runepriest with the Rune Master class feature gains a benefit while in a rune state.

While in the rune of destruction rune state, the runepriest's allies receive a +1 bonus to attack rolls against enemies adjacent to the runepriest, or adjacent to any other runepriest who is also in the rune of destruction rune state.

While in the rune of protection rune state, allies adjacent to the runepriest gain resist 2 per tier to all damage.

Rune of Mending[]

Runepriests with the Rune of Mending class feature gain use of rune of mending, a minor action power that can be used once per round to allow the runepriest or a nearby ally to spend a healing surge. Rune of mending has additional effects, depending on the runepriest's level and choice of rune. Rune of mending can be used only twice per encounter, or three times per encounter if the runepriest is at least 16th level.

Runic Artistry[]

Runepriests with the Runic Artistry class feature choose one of the following rune magic traditions and gain the corresponding benefits.

Rune magic tradition Benefits
Defiant Word When an enemy's attack misses the runepriest, the runepriest gains a bonus to damage rolls against that enemy equal to the runepriest's Wisdom modifier until the end of the runepriest's next turn. Multiple misses do not increase this bonus above the runepriest's Wisdom modifier.[PH3:99]
Serene Blade The runepriest gains weapon proficiency with one-handed and two-handed military heavy blades.

While not wearing heavy armor, the runepriest can use his or her Wisdom modifier instead of his or her Dexterity or Intelligence modifier to AC.

Once per round, after an enemy's attack deals damage to the runepriest, the runepriest gains temporary hit points equal to his or her Wisdom modifier.
Level 11: 5 + Wisdom modifier temporary hit points.
Level 21: 10 + Wisdom modifier temporary hit points.[Dr404:21]

Wrathful Hammer The runepriest gains weapon proficiency with military hammers and military maces.

When an enemy's attack deals damage to the runepriest, the runepriest gains a bonus to damage rolls against that enemy equal to the runepriest's Constitution modifier until the end of the runepriest's next turn. Multiple misses do not increase this bonus above the runepriest's Constitution modifier.[PH3:99]

Runepriest powers[]

Runepriest powers, having a divine power source, are also called prayers.

At-will attack prayers

1st level

Encounter attack prayers Daily attack prayers Utility prayers

1st level

1st level

  • rune of endless fire[PH3:102]
  • rune of iron's rebuke[PH3:102]
  • rune of twilight's beacon[PH3:103]
  • rune of the undeniable dawn[PH3:102]

2nd level

  • icon of victory[PH3:103]
  • mark of skilled effort[PH3:103]
  • rune of the final effort[PH3:103]
  • shield of sacrifice[PH3:103]
3rd level
  • beacon of vengeance[PH3:103]
  • symbol of wrath reversed[PH3:103]
  • word of alliance[PH3:103]
  • word of the blinding shield[PH3:103]
5th level
  • cage of light[PH3:104]
  • rune of arrow's flight[PH3:104]
  • rune the ember of wrath[PH3:104]
  • rune of the final act[PH3:104]
6th level
  • icon of victory[PH3:104]
  • mark of skilled effort[PH3:104]
  • rune of the final effort[PH3:104]
  • shield of sacrifice[PH3:104]
7th level
  • gathering storm intonation[PH3:105]
  • rune of roaring fire[PH3:105]
  • symbol of cowardice[PH3:105]
  • word of befuddlement[PH3:105]
9th level
  • rune of boundless fury[PH3:105]
  • rune of death's verge[PH3:105]
  • rune of shielding[PH3:106]
  • unconquered redoubt[PH3:106]
10th level
  • banner of resolution[PH3:106]
  • rune of daunting light[PH3:106]
  • rune of shared lore[PH3:106]
  • rune of the astral winds[PH3:106]
13th level
  • iron redoubt[PH3:106]
  • whirling storm word[PH3:106]
  • word of astral defiance[PH3:106]
  • word of lingering thunder[PH3:107]
15th level
  • brand of arcing lightning[PH3:107]
  • rune of judgment's levy[PH3:107]
  • rune of the first fortress[PH3:107]
  • rune of the flanking wind[PH3:107]
16th level
  • rune of preservation[PH3:108]
  • rune of reinvigoration[PH3:108]
  • rune of the unblinking eye[PH3:108]
  • rune of the warded path[PH3:108]
17th level
  • rune of the astral phalanx[PH3:108]
  • mark of battle's end[PH3:108]
  • whisper of the cunning step[PH3:108]
  • word of healing assault[PH3:108]
19th level
  • mark of ill luck[PH3:109]
  • rune of rust[PH3:109]
  • rune of the threshold[PH3:109]
  • rune of warding light[PH3:109]
22nd level
  • banner of the undefeated[PH3:109]
  • banner of victory[PH3:109]
  • rune of the hero's resolve[PH3:109]
  • symbol of defiance[PH3:109]
Unleveled prayers
Constitution based effect
Wisdom based effect