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Scale armor is composed of overlapping pieces of durable material. It is notably the only heavy armor that doesn't provide an armor check penalty.

  • AC bonus: +7. See below for magic armor.
  • Speed: -1
  • Weight: 45lm.
  • Cost: 45gp.
Magic Scale Armor
Enhancement Bonus Armor Bonus Total
+1 +7 +8
+2 +8 +10
+3 +9 +12
+4 +10 +14
+5 +11 +16
+6 +13 +19

Certain masterwork scale armor provide a bonus to fortitude as a potential exchange for the armor bonus. The details for Stormscale armor, Nagascale armor and Titanscale armor are listed on the armor page. Wyrmscale armor and Elderscale armor have since been replaced with the chart shown above.