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Sea Prince's Crown
Heroic Level
Item slot: head
Property: You gain a +1 item bonus to hit with charm attacks.
Property: Thise corrupted by the crown's curse treat you as an ally and cannot willingly attack you.
Power(Arcane, Charm, Encounter): Utility power. Standard action. Effect: Ranged 10 (one creature); the target makes a saving throw. The saving throw has a +5 bonus if the target is the same level as you or a higher level. It takes a –5 penalty if the target is a lower level than you or does not have a level.
If the saving throw succeeds, this power has no effect. The target is aware that you used this power on it if it is the same level as you or a higher level. Otherwise, it does not know you used this power.
On a failed saving throw, the target treats you as a trusted friend for 1d4 hours. It truthfully answers all questions you ask and aids you in any way it can as long as doing so does not risk its life or property. While the target is under this effect, you gain a +5 power bonus to Bluff checks against it.
This effect ends if you or any of your allies attacks the target or any of its allies. Afterward, the target doesn't remember that you used this power on it.
Power(Arcane, Charm, Daily): Utility power. Standard action. Effect: As the encounter power, but it can be in a close burst 3 (creatures in the burst) or on a single target, the effect lasts 1d4 days.
Using this daily power triggers a curse.

The Sea Prince's Crown is an artifact, and a key item in the adventure The Dread Pirate Braxis. The item is not found in the online compendium, and is exclusive to the adventure.[Du213]

In the adventure, the crown was fashioned centuries ago by the triton priestess Zennara, and commission it for the triton sea prince Krekzn. The crown was bound with dark magic, and began to perform a demonic transformation on him and his people, and when the prince realized the nature of the curse, killed the priestess who had created the artifact, finalizing the transformation to sahuagin. By the time the adventure starts, a doppleganger stole the crown while the prince was on the throne, and quickly discovered the power of the crown to dominate the other sahuagin.

At the end of the adventure, the party retrieving the crown must choose to destroy it to claim the power of the crown to stop the attacks.

The information concerning the artifact is mixed. While it is stated that the party may not keep said artifact, it has sufficient details that it can be used as a persistent item.


Each time the crown's daily power is used, demonic corruption manifests on the user's body. The crown's item bonus to intimidate checks increase by 1, up to +6, and the user takes a cumulative -1 penalty to Diplomacy checks (up to -5). When the diplomacy check would increase to -5, the user's alignment instead changes to chaotic evil and the charater becomes an NPC under the control of the DM. Targets of the crown's daily power (especially repeat targets) can be subjected to the demonic corruption.

Unlike most cursed items, the sea prince's crown can be removes at any time, but the curse still persists. Removing the effects of the curse requires casting the Remove Affliction ritual or destroying the crown. Once a cursed individual has been completely corrupted by the crown's magic, only destroying the crown can undo the corruption.